Ouisam is an artist who transcribes a story onto canvas in an elegant, simple yet complex form.”
Antoine Karam, MD.

Ouisam Melhem is a painter and sculptor. The hallmark of his art is the representation of five main elements:
The Human, The City, The Crown, The Bird, The Cloud.

Most recently, he exhibited solo shows “Emancipation” at Art on 56th Gallery in Beirut (June / July 2020), “Simulacrum” at arthaus beirut (April 7-10, 2021), “Cognitive Algorithms” at KAF Art Gallery (June 2021), “Another Algorithm” at Batroun Art Fair with the coordination of KAF Art Gallery (August, 2021), “ 33 Seconds Of Unconsciousness” at arthaus beirut (November 2021).

Ouisam’s unique work was selected to be exhibited as a featured artist at the Peoria Riverfront Museum, in the USA from November 30th, 2021 to January 9th, 2022; as one of his art work was officially accepted at the  permanent collection of the museum.

Lebanese, born in 24.07.1974, architect, landscape designer, and artist, currently exploring different contemporary themes through the processes of sketching and painting.  Ouisam holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a Master of Arts in Landscape Urbanism. He has an experienced journey working for over than 15 years as Senior Architect at Nadim Karam and Hapsitus Architects in Beirut and educating at the American University of Beirut.

Ouisam says : “ Art is a fantasy, a poetic consilience, a possibility of realizing an utopian vision for the coming future.”